Body Corporate Best Practice Workshops + Strata Mastery – ABMA Accredited Courses for Building Managers and Committee Members

The Ideal Strata Mastery Client

  • Self-Managing Body Corporate Committees
    You are a member of an active body corporate committee and often attend meetings (or informal discussions) without the presence of a Strata Manager and wish to ensure that your fellow voting members receive the appropriate training and guidance to confidently perform their respective roles.
  • Buying/Owning Management And Letting Rights 
    You presently own or are looking to buy managements rights for the first time and you are not sure of where to start.
  • Selling/Transferring Or Assigning Management And Letting Rights
    You presently sit on a body corporate committee and you have been advised by your Caretaker of their intentions to transfer/sell or assign management and letting rights, and wish to actively protect the interests of the body corporate.
  • “Top Up” Or Extension To Management Rights Contract
    You presently own management rights and wish to seek a “top-up” or further extension to your contract term, for the mutual benefit of the body corporate and building management team.
  • Training for Service Contractors & Industry Employment
    You are a service contractor (trades person, strata manager) working for bodies corporate in the state of Queensland or you are a new recruit seeking casual, part time or full time employment within the body corporate industry and require comprehensive training, guidance and assistance from an independent team of body corporate experts.
  • New Body Corporate Committee Member
    You have recently nominated for a position on your body corporate committee and you are seeking a simple, practical guide, to managing a body corporate whilst also acquiring a basic understanding of legislation which applies specifically to your scheme.


The Strata Mastery Difference

Workshops are conducted onsite and are 100% customized to meet the individual and unique requirements of each scheme or development and therefore are instantly relatable and thus enjoyable for both Building Managers and Owners/Committee Members. Strata Mastery workshops are by no means a generic or generalized overview of the legislative and administrative requirements that apply to bodies corporate in the state of Queensland, Australia. The workshops do not rely upon broad textbook examples to form the basis of the training program but prefer to base its training on specific and actual building issues which includes current body corporate documents (building compliance reports, financials, minutes of most recent committee and general meetings etc.) to achieve the highest level of competency for all clients. The Strata Mastery team will personally assist you and your staff/fellow owners to closely examine, accurately translate and ultimately improve upon pre-existing business and body corporate polices, procedures and day-to-day management practices. And in doing so, also remove any initial and unnecessary stress and headaches.

Selling/Transferring or Assigning Management and Letting Rights

Do you have concerns with regards to the lack of general industry experience of your incoming prospective Caretaker/Buyer? Has your prospective Buyer previously owned and operated management rights? If not, Committee Members may negotiate training requirements for “first time” prospective Caretaker/Buyer as part of the sale of management rights process. Training may include enrolment in the Strata Mastery Body Corporate (4 Hour or 8 Hour) Best Practice Workshop and ABMA (Australian Building Management Accreditation) Code Introductory Course, at NO cost to the Body Corporate. Costs are generally required to be met by the incoming or outgoing caretaker. The new prospective Buyer will thank you for the introduction! Please contact us today for further details?

Body Corporate Best Practice Workshop Information

Strata Mastery Body Corporate Best Practice Workshop – Group Training Session Options are as follows:

  • OPTION 1: Half Day Workshop (3-4 Hour) – Normal Rate $1,100 Plus GST/Person, Strata Mastery Registered Members – $825 Plus GST/Person
  • OPTION 2: Full Day Workshop for New Industry Entrants (7-8 Hour) – Normal Rate $2,200 Plus GST/Person, Strata Mastery Registered Members – $1,650 Plus GST/Person
  • “Strata Mastery” Membership Registration is FREE – Refer to Registration Box Provided Further Below 

COURSE CONTENT/MODULE OPTIONS: A comprehensive list of current module options are detailed below. Students enrolled in the Half Day Workshop may nominate up to 8 modules of priority interest. The Half Day Workshop is recommended for intermediate to advance level participants, with moderate experience in owning or operating Management & Letting Rights or moderate experience assuming a Body Corporate Voting Committee Member role.

Students enrolled in the Full Day Workshop will receive training on all available modules, where possible. This workshop is recommended for New Industry Entrants/Participants who have never previously owned or operated Management & Letting Rights or possess little to no experience assuming a Body Corporate Voting Committee role.

Strata Mastery’s professional emphasis is placed on providing – relevant, easy to follow, step-by-step guidance for any and all immediate queries (that is, modules indicated as a priority). Every effort is made by “Strata Mastery” Trainers to cover any and all elected modules within the allotted timeframe. Please note that workshop attendees have the option to re-book for ongoing training, in the event that not all priority modules are able to be covered in the allotted time.

WORKSHOP LOCATION AND TIMES: All workshops are held onsite or at an alternate venue of customer choice and may be arranged outside normal business hours, including weekends (Saturday Mornings). Please note that travel charges will apply for workshops located outside of Brisbane City.

WORKSHOP BOOKINGS: Workshops are required to be booked a minimum 4 weeks in advance.

– GROUP WORKSHOP BOOKINGS of 3 persons or more may be held onsite –


Please contact Strata Mastery for an independent proposal at


 Telephone: 07 3861 1432

Workshop Module Training Options:

  • Understanding Your Scheme Profile & Distinguishing The Key Components of Legislation That Are Relevant To Your Scheme;
  • Understanding The Role & Responsibilities of Committee Members (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Ordinary Members, Body Corporate Manager & Building Manager/Caretaker) – An Overview & Practical Industry Examples That Are Relevant To Your Scheme;
  • Body Corporate & Caretaker Spending Limits & Authorities – How, When, Where & Why Body Corporate Funds May Be Expended? A Detailed Explanation & Practical Examples Referencing Current Building Issues & Current Building Minutes That Are Specific To Your Scheme;
  • Building Maintenance – Lot Owner Versus Body Corporate Responsibility. Distinguishing The Key Components of Legislation That Are Pertinent To Your Scheme;
  • Essential Building Management Tools – Establish An Effective Office Operations Manual & Acquire An Understanding of Critical Building Reports And Documents;
  • Understanding The Body Corporate Financial Year Cycle & Learning How To Maximize This Knowledge To Your Advantage;
  • Votes Taken Outside A Committee Meeting (VOC) – Understanding How, When, Where & Why a VOC Is Required and Other Types of Meetings Which May Be Requested To Be Held By Your Body Corporate;
  • Guidelines for Communicating with Committee – What Must Be Included & In What Format;
  • Letting Versus Caretaking Responsibilities – When Should The Body Corporate Be Informed;
  • How To Prepare A Building/Caretakers Report For A Committee Meeting;
  • Review Your Body Corporate Financials & Prepare A Proposed Annual Budget – Including A Review Of Your Body Corporate Sinking Fund Forecast;
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to Handling Building Complaints/Disputes and Breaches of Body Corporate By-laws;
  • Customer Service Satisfaction Essentials – Key Hospitality Industry Guidelines;
  • Understanding The Committee & Annual General Meeting Agenda/Process – Including How To Interpret & Calculate Body Corporate Levies for Your Scheme, Execute Secret Ballots, Construct and Submit Lot Owner Motions etc.;
  • Building Management/Committee Initiatives To Help Reduce/Maintain Body Corporate Levies;
  • Understanding the Insurance Claim Process & Procedure and more!

Workshop partipants are provided an opportunity to nominate modules of priority interest. Please ensure your (online) Workshop Application Form/Module selection is made no later then 4 weeks prior to the commencement date of your initial workshop booking. Course participants are also provided an opportunity to submit any additional or customized requests at time of (online) course application.


OPTIONAL EXTRA (A): ABMA (Australian Building Management Accreditation) – NEW ENTRANTS PROGRAM – “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Training Program

Strata Mastery is also a fully accredited ABMA State Course Facilitator. “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Program is a component of the ABMA “New Entrants Program” and is made available to Caretakers/Building Managers, Committee Members/Lot Owners + Service Contractors, from beginners through to advance clients as follows:

  • “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop for Building Managers, Committee Members + Service Contractors: 1-2 Hour – Normal Rate: $430 Plus GST/Person, Strata Mastery Registered Members – $330 Plus GST/Person.
  • Workshops may be held onsite for Group Bookings of 3 Persons or More!

(Total Cost: Normal Rate – $430 Plus GST/Person, Strata Mastery Registered Members – $330 Plus GST/Per Person)

OPTIONAL EXTRA (B): ABMA (Australian Building Management Accreditation) “Strata Professionals Annual Induction Training Program”  for renewing ABMA Industry Accredited Practitioners

  • ABMA Building Management Code Purchase (Hard Copy Only) – $180 Plus GST/Copy.
  • ABMA – Certificate of Participation – Code “Top Up” Training Course PLUS
  • Workplace Health & Safety Induction Training Program for Building Managers, Committee Members + Service Contractors: 3-4 Hours – Strata Mastery Registered Members $330 Plus GST/Person.
  • Workshops may be held onsite for Group Bookings of 3 Persons or More!

(Total Cost: Normal Rate: $610 Plus GST/Person, Strata Mastery Registered Members – $510 Plus GST/Person)

ABMA Code Introductory Course

Post-construction common property in community schemes across Australia is required to be serviced and maintained in accordance with a multitude of Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice, local authority by-laws and “best practice” delivery standards. These statutory obligations are described for our industry in common language within the ABMA Building Management Code©. Every statutory obligation imposed upon a building owner in terms of maintenance of the common property is described within the ABMA Building Management Code©, which is the objective standard for the industry. Also detailed in the ABMA Building Management Code© are practical guidelines for taking action to ensure that every building is compliant at all times.

This ABMA Building Managers & Committee Member Code Training Course provides skills development for caretakers/building managers as well as self-managed committees around the compliance maintenance of the common property, including tools for managing the relationship with lot owners and service contractors. Including checklists for harvesting statutory records and clarification around the role of committee versus caretaker, building manager and/or strata manager, the ABMA Building Managers & Committee Member Code Training Course will develop a more effective approach to compliance and building maintenance.

The ABMA Building Management Code© is updated annually to remain abreast of evolving legislation and “best practice” delivery standards and it follows that annual ABMA Building Manager & Committee Member Code Training is recommended.

Course Aims & Objectives

The (Participation) ABMA Building Manager & Committee Member Code Training Course aims to introduce new participants to the ABMA Building Management Code© as well as to update prior-year participants to legislative updates having occurred since last year’s training.

Participants will understand how the ABMA Building Management Code© “works” and where to find meaningful information efficiently. For participants seeking to expand their knowledge in a specific field of focus, the ABMA Building Manager & Committee Member Code Training Course provides exposure to further learning.

Strata Mastery – ABMA Building Management Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop

The “Strata Mastery” ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop is a practical session specifically designed for Committee Members/Owners and Building Managers. The training session enables every workshop participant to immediately implement the guidelines as set-out in the ABMA Code to current, day-to-day, building management and body corporate business practices. The session includes a brief introduction to the BCCMA 97 Code of Conduct for Committee Members and Building Managers/Caretakers and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders: The Building Owner (Body Corporate); Building Manager (Caretaker); External Service Contractors (Including the Strata Manager); and, Performance Assessors (WHS Inspector & QFES Inspector).

ABMA Building Manager & Committee Member Code Training Workshops are required to be reserved a minimum 2 weeks in advance. For further information, please call us on telephone 07 3861 1432 or alternatively, please email us at:

How Do I Become A Strata Mastery Member?

Strata Mastery entry level membership is free of charge.

Please complete details in the box provided below to join as a member.

– Charges apply to Platinum Memberships only –

DISCLAIMER: The material presented in Strata Mastery Course Profile (“Course”) is distributed by Strata Mastery for the specific information of the end-user only and is subject to change without notice. While effort has been made to ensure its accuracy at the time of writing the course, the law is complex, is reviewed regularly and must be applied to the facts by a legal practitioner to be properly understood.  The Course’s content should not be used as a substitute for professional legal advice. If you are contemplating taking legal steps based on the Course and your understanding of it, always seek legal advice from a competent legal practitioner as the Course contains material of a general nature and is not an analysis of any person’s particular factual circumstances. Strata Mastery, its publisher and selling agents disclaim all responsibility and liability for all expenses, losses, damages, and costs, financial or otherwise, suffered by any person or legal entity acting or relying upon the material in Course whatsoever. The Course and its content may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without permission of the copyright holder.