New Entrant Induction – 3 Day Committee Training Course

Course Type New Entrant Induction – 3 Day Committee Training Course
Reference Code NEI
Course Duration 3 Day Training Course
Student Type
  • Newly Elected Committee Members
  • Existing Committee Members
  • Self-Managing Body Corporate Committee
  • New Prospective Buyers/Property Investors/Lot Owners
  • Property Developers
  • Property Managers
Course Description Students are provided an introduction to the Body Corporate & Community Management Act and associated Regulation Module/s (specific to each scheme/site) to best comply and deliver on their Committee “Code of Conduct”. Students are also provided an introduction to building compliance (ABMA Code), work health and safety.

Courses are ideal for those who presently own, live, work or are looking to invest in strata. This course is essential for those looking to assume a voting committee role and therefore are heavily relied upon to provide direction to caretaking service contractors and present recommendations to lot owners.

DAY 1:

Subject: Building Compliance 101 Training Program + STRATA MASTERY – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Training Course
Duration: 5 to 6 Hours
Description: Course participants are provided an introduction to building compliance and the Australian Building Management Accreditation (“ABMA”) Code – Our industry guidebook to existing legislation and body corporate minimum objective performance standards + Step-by-step review of the ABMA Code standards with, site specific, Caretaking Agreement or Facility Management “Schedule of Duties” to ensure adherence with contract obligations. Courses also include clarification around “in contract” versus “outside of contract” specialist duties and charges.

DAY 2:

Subject: Body Corporate Best Practice (BCBP) – Part A & Part B – Training Course
Duration: 6 to 7 Hours
Description: Course participants are provided an introduction to the Body Corporate & Community Management Act and associated Regulation Modules specific to their scheme/property, to best comply with the BCCMA Committee “Code of Conduct” and acquire the essential skills necessary to implement, supervise and effectively manage body corporate, day-to-day, building/scheme processes and procedures. Training includes clarification on the roles and responsibilities of each industry stakeholder (committee members, caretaking service contractor, body corporate manager, industry regulators).

DAY 3:

Subject: Regulatory Compliance Via Self-Assessment (RCviaSA) Training Course
Duration: 3 to 4 Hours
Description: Course participants undertake an (internal) body corporate desktop compliance audit without the fear of incurring any infringement notices or penalties. All workshops are kept strictly confidential. The purpose of the audit is to identify any immediate non compliances and assist both the voting committee members and non-voting members/caretakers to implement an action plan to meet their outstanding legislative obligations. The intention of the program is to ensure that course attendees are able to competently “self assess” their building maintenance performance in the future.


Course subjects include:

  1. New Building Establishment Requirement at the First General Meeting of the Body Corporate
  2. Hand-over & Induction Requirements of Newly Appointed Caretakers 
  3. Building Classifications 
  4. Essential Services (Gas, Water, Electricity Sewerage Infrastructure)
  5. Fire Protection Services
  6. Non Essential Services (Air Conditioning)
  7. Soft Services – Cleaning & Waste Removal
  8. Soft Services – Gardening
  9. Recreational Areas – (Theatre, Playground, BBQ Area)
  10. Swimming Pools & Spas
  11. Minor Works (Caretaker Versus Body Corporate Responsibilities)
  12. Work Place Health & Safety Compliance Requirements (Body Corporate Versus Service Contractor Versus Caretaker Responsibilities)
  13. Code of Conduct
  14. Performance Management
  15. Project Management (When should the Body Corporate Engage an Independent Project Manager)
  16. Landlords & Tenants Compliance & Maintenance Responsibilities


Course subjects include:

  1. Introduction to the BCCMA97 – “Code of Conduct” for Body Corporate Managers/Caretakers/Committee Members
  2. Understanding Your Scheme Profile (Module Type, Class Type, Rise Type) & Distinguishing The Key Components of Legislation That A Relevant To Your Scheme
  3. Understanding The Roles And Responsibilities of Committee Members (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Ordinary Members, Body Corporate Manager & Building Manager/Caretaker)
  4. Body Corporate & Caretaker Spending Limits & Authorities – How When, Where & Why Body Corporate Funds May Be Expended?
  5. Essential Building Management Tools (Identifying & Reviewing Key Documents – Community Management Statement, Sinking Fund Forecast, Insurance Policy)
  6. New Building Establishment Requirements (In Accordance With The ABMA Code)
  7. Body Corporate By-Law Breach – Caretaker Versus Committee Obligations, Process & procedures
  8. Committee Meeting Versus General Meeting Operational & Legislative Requirements
  9. Building Maintenance – Lot Owner Versus Body Corporate Responsibility
  10. Letting Versus Caretaking Responsibilities – When Should The Body Corporate Be Informed
  11. Power To Enter Lots & Emergency Expenditure By The Body Corporate
  12. Understand the Body Corporate Insurance Claim Process & Procedure
  13. Building Management Plan + Annual Administration & Sinking Fund Budget Preparation Requirements
  14. Understanding The Body Corporate Financial Year Cycle & Learning How To Maximise This Knowledge To Your Advantage
  15. Student Scheme Requested Items (e.g. How To Prepare Motions For Body Corporate Consideration, How To Chair An Annual General Meeting, How To Prepare a Building Manager’s Report)

Course subjects include:

An internal check of compliance with various acts, codes of practices is conducted without the fear of students incurring infringement notices of penalties:

I. Establishment Compliance (e.g. Certificate of Classification)

II. Continuing Compliance

(a) Fire (e.g. Occupier’s Statement)
(b) Mechanical (e.g. Compliance Certificates)
(c) Electrics (e.g. Thermographic Survey)
(d) Gas (e.g. Test & Tagging)
(e) Lift (e,g, Lift Registration Certificate)
(f) Hydraulics (e.g. 5 Yearly Hydrant Test)
(g) Swimming Pool (e.g. Pool Safety Certificate)
(h) Asbestos (e.g. Register)
(i) Emergency Evacuation (e.g. Plan)
(j) Workplace Health & Safety (e.g. Plan)
(k) Combustible Cladding (e.g. Cladding Identification Report)
(l) Pest Control (e.g. Inspection Reports)

III. Public Safety (e.g. Insurance Certificates)

Time Schedule Monday to Sunday (7 Days A Week)

Morning Session
8:30am – 12:30pm

Afternoon Session
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Course Venue Video Conference Training

  • Skype
  • Google – Hang Out
  • Other


  • Owner’s Unit
  • Manager’s Unit
  • Property Developer’s Office


  • Venue of Client Choice or Alternatively (Please See Below)

Brisbane Square Library
266 George Street, Brisbane City
Telephone 07 3403 4166

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Meeting Room Hire Fees & Charges – Category One, Up to 50 people:
Rate: $18 per hour, 2 Weeks Advance Bookings Required

Trainer’s Travel Charges To & From Training Venue May Apply:
Industrial Award Rate of $0.80/km


Normal Rate: $860 + GST/Person
Strata Mastery Member Rate: $660 + GST/Person
Text Book (ABMA Code): $180 + GST/Copy
Duration: 5 to 6 Hours
Workshop Material: All student guidebooks, text books, certificates are provided on training date.


Normal Rate: $1,090 + GST/Person
Strata Mastery Member Rate: $890 + GST/Person
Text Book (Layman’s Guide): $55 + GST/Copy
Duration: 6 to 7 Hours


Normal Rate: $545 + GST/Person
Strata Mastery Member Rate: $445 + GST/Person
Duration:  3 to 4 Hours


Normal Rate: $2,495 + GST/Person
Strata Mastery Member Rate: $1,995 + GST/Person
Text Book (ABMA Code): $180 + GST/Copy
Text Book (Layman’s Guide): $55 + GST/Copy

Group Discounts Apply For Groups of 2 Or More – Please Contact Us For A Quote
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Course Completion Upon completion of all courses, students will receive:

  • BC101 – Certificate of Participation
  • BCBP (Part A + Part B) – Certificate of Participation
  • Strata Mastery – Electronic Student Participant Badge
  • Strata Mastery – Lifetime Subscription Membership
Course Enrolment Requirments Scheme documents are requested to be forwarded to Trainers not later than 2 weeks prior to all scheduled workshops –

  • Community Management Statement (CMS)
  • Caretaking & Letting Agreement (If Applicable)
  • Sinking Fund Forecast
  • Asset Register & Contracts Register (If Available)
  • Notice of Previous Annual General Meeting (Including all Supporting Documents)

Documents may be requested from your Strata Manager/Body Corporate Manager and forwarded to:

Course Registration For a free quotation or to enrol today, please contact Strata Mastery on telephone 07 3861 1432 or complete the on-line enquiries form provided.
Contact Us for more information.

What others have to say:

 “If you happen to be a member of a Body Corporate in Brisbane and also have had difficulty with your Resident Manager, things could begin to change if you make the right move. Last Friday, 4 of the members of our Body Corporate along with our new Resident Managers met with Stephanie Yun of Strata Mastery. Quite often members of a Body Corporate will agree to be part of this non-paying Body to try to ensure their properties are well managed and serviced regularly. Many people in a complex will not volunteer for the Body Corporate, but leave tasks to others. As Stephanie explained though, would you rather be in the driver’s seat of a car and avoid an accident or be asleep in the back seat, unaware of what was about to happen. You might also find the ABMA Building Management Code to be your best guide, but have little idea how to really use it. You might also have a manager who does not do their job properly, but you are unable to know what they must rightfully do. I can highly recommend Stephanie to take you through the documents and train you in how to use them to your best advantage. She had a big task, but kept us on target, yet allowed for relevant questions as we went. Along with appropriate breaks and a comfortable environment, she helped to actually create a cooperative working Body Corporate Family for our complex. I came away with a very positive outlook and I believe the others on our team felt the same. We have already begun to develop some new policies together to handle several long standing problems.”
Darryl ClausenExecutive Committee Member, Avalon Parkside, Spring Hill