STRATA MASTERY – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Course

Course Type STRATA MASTERY – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop, 1-2 Hours
Reference Code CUCC
Course Duration Min. 1 to 2 Hours
Student Type
  • Caretakers/Building Managers/Facility Managers
  • Prospective Purchasers of Management Rights
  • Committee Members (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer & Ordinary Members)
  • Lot Owners/Owner Investors/Owner Occupiers
  • Strata Managers/Body Corporate Managers
  • Property Managers/Letting Agents
  • Real Estate Sales Agents
  • Self-Managed Body Corporate
  • Property Developers
Course Description Upon completion of the ABMA – SPAI (Strata Professionals Annual Induction) Training Program, students may qualify to enrol to the “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct (CUCC) Course and learn how to apply the principles of the ABMA Code to, site specific, building infrastructure, service contracts, committee/caretaker/body corporate manager “Code of Conduct”, and more importantly, the Caretaking Service Agreement.

All training sessions are conducted onsite or an alternate venue of customer choice.

The course is essential for those presently living, working or looking to invest within the strata sector and wish to ensure that industry stakeholders – Committee Members, Caretakers, Service Contractors, Body Corporate Managers, confidently deliver on their contract and legislative obligations.

The course is particularly beneficial for those looking to nominate for a (voting) committee member position and as such, will be heavily relied upon to act in the best interest of all lots owners, including (but not limited to) overseeing the work of the building management team, determining accurate budgets, engaging suitably qualified service contractors, differentiating between “in contract – caretaker works” versus “outside contract – specialist works”, and presenting motions to a committee/general meeting with regards to the care and maintenance of the common property.

The course is also particularly beneficial for (non-voting) Caretakers/Building Managers and Body Corporate Managers who must (accurately) deliver on contract terms and conditions – “Schedule of Duties”, and are often relied upon to provide educated direction to the Body Corporate Committee/Lot Owners. Building Managers on the receiving end of a “Remedial Actions Notice” (RAN) or required to undertake a (Diverse FMX) “Caretaker Performance Management Audit” cannot not afford not to enrol!

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Course subjects may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. New Building Establishment Requirement at the First General Meeting of the Body Corporate
  2. Hand-over & Induction Requirements of Newly Appointed Caretakers 
  3. Building Classifications 
  4. Essential Services (Gas, Water, Electricity Sewerage Infrastructure)
  5. Fire Protection Services
  6. Non Essential Services (Air Conditioning)
  7. Soft Services – Cleaning & Waste Removal
  8. Soft Services – Gardening
  9. Recreational Areas – (Theatre, Playground, BBQ Area)
  10. Swimming Pools & Spas
  11. Minor Works (Caretaker Versus Body Corporate Responsibilities)
  12. Work Place Health & Safety Compliance Requirements (Body Corporate Versus Service Contractor Versus Caretaker Responsibilities)
  13. Code of Conduct
  14. Performance Management
  15. Project Management (When should the Body Corporate Engage an Independent Project Manager)
  16. Landlords & Tenants Compliance & Maintenance Responsibilities
Time Schedule Monday to Sunday (7 Days A Week)

Morning Session
8:30am – 12:30pm

Afternoon Session
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Course Venue Onsite

  • Owner’s Unit
  • Manager’s Unit
  • Property Developer’s Office


  • Venue of Client Choice or Alternatively (Please See Below)

Brisbane Square Library
266 George Street, Brisbane City
Telephone 07 3403 4166

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Meeting Room Hire Fees & Charges – Category One, Up to 50 people:
Rate: $18 per hour, 2 Weeks Advance Bookings Required

Trainer’s Travel Charges To & From Training Venue May Apply:
Industrial Award Rate of $0.80/km

Course Fee COURSE NAME: “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct (CUCC) Course

Normal Rate: $430 + GST/Person
Strata Mastery Member Rate: $330 + GST/Person

Group Discounts Apply For Groups of 2 Or More – Please Contact Us For A Quote
Strata Mastery Membership Registration is FREE. Visit the Strata Mastery HOME Page

Course Completion Upon completion of the course students will receive:

  • CUCC – Certificate of Participation
Course Enrolment Requirments Scheme documents are requested to be forwarded to Trainers not later than 2 weeks prior to all scheduled workshops –

  • Caretaking & Letting Agreement (If Applicable)
  • Community Management Statement
  • Sinking Fund Forecast
  • (Most Recent) Annual General Meeting Notice

Documents may be requested from your Strata Manager/Body Corporate Manager and forwarded to:

Course Registration For a free quotation or to enrol today, please contact Strata Mastery on telephone 07 3861 1432 or complete the on-line enquiries form provided.
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Nicholas MiaoEdward Street, Brisbane, 2016

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