About Us

As body corporate experts we deliver the essential tools to manage a body corporate. Whether you are a small scheme development of only 2 lots or a layered, mixed use scheme comprising of over 3000 lots, we can assist you!

Strata Mastery provide information sessions, courses and workshops to teach you the critical components of managing a body corporate for lot owners, committee members, caretakers and letting agents. We will provide you with an easy to follow, step-by-step program, that not only has the potential to increase the capital value of your asset by 20% or more but have you performing in the top 5% of experts in your field today.

  • Strata Mastery body corporate courses are 100% customized to meet the individual requirements of your scheme or development and are by no means a generic or generalized overview of the legislative and administrative requirements that apply to bodies corporate in the state of Queensland, Australia.
  • Our information workshops are designed specifically for beginners through to intermediate level Building Managers/Letting Agents, Lot Owners and Committee Members. All workshops are focused upon current and specific building issues and documents (including but not limited to: community management statements, building compliance reports – sinking fund forecast, insurance cost assessment report, body corporate financials, minutes of body corporate committee and general meetings etc.).
  • Our team of industry experts will assist you and your staff to closely examine, accurately translate and ultimately improve upon pre-existing business and body corporate specific policies, procedures and day-to-day building management practices to increase productivity, avoid unnecessary but common industry errors and to confidently deliver on the prescribed services/duties as stipulated under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act.

About The Founder

The Creator and Founder of Strata Mastery, initially acquired her Full Real Estate Industry Practitioner License in 2004. Stephanie Yun is a “QUEST Newspapers” – Award Winning Business Owner, “QUEST Newspapers – Hall of Fame” Recipient.

Stephanie originally started her career in body corporate management in 2005 and her professional achievements have spanned well over a decade and included branch management and day-to-day operations within body corporate practices located within the central Brisbane district. Stephanie Yun is a name that is synonymous with performance excellence, the highest standard of ethics, technical precision and an unwavering commitment to her fellow strata members.

Stephanie Yun, in collaboration with other industry specialists, is professionally dedicated to delivering practicable, hands-on training to Lot Owners, Committee Members and Building Managers, whilst also helping to develop and implement the ABMA Building Management Code as the national objective standard, to ensure that safe building and construction practices are adopted across the country.

Stephanie is proudly committed to ensuring that industry members and volunteers receive both the practical, and not merely the theoretical, building safety compliance support and skills to confidently perform their respective body corporate roles and building management responsibilities.

How it all started for me?

As a Strata Manager I would often attend committee and general meetings where well-meaning yet inexperienced Caretakers and Committee Members struggled. In an effort to assist, I would volunteer my personal time assisting clients to improve their general knowledge and understanding of body corporate legislation and day-to-day body corporate committee processes. By default, I would also find myself creating customised office documents and guidelines for building management reports, service contractor work orders, by-law contravention policies and procedures and the list continues.

The resultant success I observed in client productivity and confidence were the founding motivations behind the creation of Strata Mastery – a body corporate specialised training program. Today, my direct clients continue to be my daily inspiration. Any owner volunteer who dedicates their personal time to serve on a body corporate committee and to address head-on its multifaceted issues, deserves our utmost respect.

I have also always held the professional view that the only role more difficult than a Strata Manager is a Building or Facilities Manager. I am personally driven to help those who help themselves. It’s really that simple. Coaching has been a natural progression and personal passion of mine. I continue to learn something new within my industry every day and I value the opportunity to share my knowledge and professional experiences with others.

CONTACT DETAILS  |  Stephanie Yun  |  Direct Mobile: 0455 506 321  |  Direct Email: stephanie@stratamastery.com.au

Our Mission Statement

To assist Owners, Committee Members and Building Managers wherever professionally possible to “Take Control of Their Investment” through increased and supported education, tangible (online or in person) training from a team of qualified industry experts.