Protect Your Body Corporate Investment Step By Step

As body corporate experts we understand the complexities of managing the interests
of the building, lot owners (both owner occupiers and investors), committee members
and service contractors. We deliver the essential tools, step-by-step, for Building
Managers and Committee Members to confidently perform their roles within
legislative guidelines.


Protect Your Body Corporate Investment Step By Step

As body corporate experts we understand the complexities of managing the interests
of the building, lot owners (both owner occupiers and investors), committee members
and service contractors. We deliver the essential tools, step-by-step, for Building
Managers and Committee Members to confidently perform their roles within
legislative guidelines.


Protect Your Body Corporate Investment Step By Step

As body corporate experts we understand the complexities of managing the interests
of the building, lot owners (both owner occupiers and investors), committee members
and service contractors. We deliver the essential tools, step-by-step, for Building
Managers and Committee Members to confidently perform their roles within
legislative guidelines.

Welcome to Strata Mastery

What We Do

Strata Mastery is the first stop for anyone who presently lives or has invested in a body corporate within the state of Queensland OR for anyone who presently owns or is looking to buy management rights for the first time. In this capacity, you will either be required to appoint, oversee or alternatively actively perform the duties and functions of the (onsite) Building Manager/Caretaker/Facility Service Contractor/Letting Agent or a Committee Member and may not be sure of where to start. In the strata management and strata investment field, knowledge is power, which is why we hand the power back to you, through providing everything you need to become better informed and hit the ground running to “take control of your investment” and effectively self-manage your body corporate.

1. Industry Specialist Service Directory:

  • Finding a suitably qualified, body corporate, industry specialist you can trust is not always easy. At “Strata Mastery” we have sourced only the industry’s best and provide this in one convenient location at no cost to you! This is a FREE community service (please click on the video link provided below for further details). Register as a member today and continue to receive industry news and helpful industry tips!

2. Educational Workshops + Courses – How to:

  • Master key components of body corporate legislation that is specific and relevant to your scheme. Enrol in the STRATA MASTERY – “Body Corporate Best Practice” Workshop for building managers, facility managers, property managers, strata managers and service contractors (click on video link provided below for further details).
  • Ensure that your scheme delivers on the statutory, mandatory and minimum objective standards for building compliance and better understand how you can apply the Australian Building Management (“ABMA”) Code to day-to-day body corporate management or commercial business practices.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the onsite Caretaker, Committee, Lot Owner, External Letting Agent/Property Manager and Service Contractors when dealing with building maintenance, upgrades and repairs.
  • Learn how to avoid common rookie mistakes that waste time and expose your body corporate to unnecessary building risks.
  • Ensure that the mutual interests of the body corporate and caretaker are sufficiently met when selling/transferring or assigning management and letting rights.
  • All “Strata Mastery” Body Corporate Best Practice educational workshops are conducted in person and course content is customised to meet your specific scheme needs. This is to ensure that only the highest educational standards are met, every time! For more information, please take a tour of our site today.

3. Interesting Discussion + News:

  • Join us in “The Press Room” and enjoy the latest in industry news, events and articles of community interest.

4. Platinum Club Membership:

  • Be inspired. Experience a whole new world in strata management. Strata Mastery’s Platinum Club – Member’s Playground is now available! Proactive Committee Members and Building Managers are provided unlimited access to an immediate source of body corporate management tools to best comply with State (Qld) building compliance regulations and Body Corporate Code of Conduct statutory obligations. Committee Members and Building Managers may now subscribe to –
  • PLATINUM CLUB “TEMPLATE DIRECTORY” – A collection of ready-made (sample) building policies and strata procedures. Resources include (but are not limited to) the following: Committee Guide to Building Defects, Committee Guide to Common Property Capital Upgrades, Committee Guide to Assignment of Management Rights, Body Corporate Communication Scheme Policy, Body Corporate By-Law Breach Scheme Policy + More.
  • PLATINUM CLUB “MOTION DIRECTORY” – A comprehensive directory of body corporate/committee resolutions + associated legislative references, which comply with the Body Corporate & Community Management Act 1997 The Australian Building Management “ABMA” Code 2017. Motions include (but are not limited to) the following: Implementation of Main Asset Register + Preventative Maintenance Plan, Implementation of Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Management Plan, Appointment of New Building Establishment Records Auditor, Appointment of (Assignment of Management Rights) Pre-entry Competency Assessor, Appointment of (Assignment of Management Rights) Pre-settlement Exit Survey/Common Property Inspection Report + More

All “Platinum Club” management tools are proudly brought to you by Strata Mastery and Grace Lawyers to ensure that only the highest performance standards are consistently met.


  • Streamlined body corporate process and procedures
  • Adherence with relevant industry Acts + Regulations
  • Reduction in Committee personal downtime
  • Reduction in body corporate lawyer consulting fees
  • Advice + Help from an independent industry expert and ABMA Industry Accredited Practitioner 24/7


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For workshop bookings or queries, please call or write to us today. A Strata Mastery consultant will be with you soon.

What others have to say:

“Without a doubt important information. The kind of information managers do not want to learn through experience!”

Nicholas Miao - Owner & Operator of Management RightsEdward Street, Brisbane - Year 2016
“The “Aspect Property Group” was established in 1989.  We pride ourselves on delivering unique and innovative properties and our team of industry specialised site managers, registered builders, tradespeople and apprentices are the corner stone of what makes APG, award winning, developments. We also believe that the continual up-skilling of our workforce is critical to our success.
We initially engaged training services to keep up to date with changes in building compliance legislation and to achieve ABMA Industry Practitioner Accreditation. As APG’s business model however expanded into body corporate management, we were looking for a service provider with specialised body corporate knowledge and industry experience in areas including building compliance, property/letting/lease management, business management and strata title management. We were looking for flexibility to accommodate staff with varying levels of competency. It was important to us that workshops were able to be customised to meet our specific company needs.
Without question, Strata Mastery provided such a service and delivered on our expectations. No requirement was ever too small or too complicated. Instructional services included everything from hands-on assistance with the preparation of body corporate documents (committee and general meeting notices, minutes, VOC’s, correspondences), conduct of “mock” meetings, through to “Body Corporate Best Practice” policy review, implementation of new office checklists and management procedures, assistance with conflict resolution strategies and more.
In addition to Strata Mastery’s educational workshops, we were also introduced to “Platinum Club” which provided a suite of body corporate motions, operational templates, procedural guides. It is a great resource endorsed by Grace Lawyers (specialist body corporate solicitors) and also complies with the Australian Building Management Code. Stephanie Yun avails her time, efforts and professional expertise without hesitation to others.  Stephanie has gone above and beyond being a trainer, mentoring our Strata Manager Barbara Lockyer whose skill level would not have been achieved but for Stephanie’s extensive knowledge of the industry and expertise.
We would highly recommend Strata Mastery to anyone looking to improve their business in the strata industry.”
Aspect Property Group - Established Since 1989 - Property DevelopersProperty Managers & Body Corporate Managers - Brisbane & Gold Coast 2018

“It is with immense pleasure that I write this testimonial for the recent services provided by Strata Mastery to our Body Corporate. If any Body Corporate have issues with their Building Manager or even their Committee Members not understanding the “Code of Conduct” and obligations, Strata Mastery would be the “training arena” to go to.

Four members of our Body Corporate Committee and our Building Manager attended the ABMA Building Management Code Introductory Course and “Strata Mastery” ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct workshop conducted by Stephanie Yun on the 15th of July 2017.

The workshop was specifically tailored and customised for our scheme.

The structure of the course was easy to follow and informative as it gives clear practical guidelines around compliance obligations in relation to building management and maintenance for our building.

The course gave us “deep insights” into the non-exhaustive list of legislative requirements in areas of building management from both the Body Corporate and Building Management’s perspective.

In particular, the ABMA Code will be pertinent to our building as it will definitely assist in ensuring our common property and building is managed and maintained in accordance with the non-exhaustive list of Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and “Best Practice” delivery standards. As mentioned by Stephanie, “there is no gray, the Code is black and white”.

In a short period of time, I have found Stephanie to be very professional, proactive and patient. She took the time in addressing the issues we highlighted during the workshop and provided us with the appropriate solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for what was “best for the building”.

Needless to say Stephanie’s expert knowledge and understanding of the Body Corporate & Community Management Act 1997 and the ABMA Code was at the “tip of her fingers” and her attention to detail was exceptional. Stephanie adopts a personal hands-on-approach and was willing to assist without hesitation. She definitely had a genuine commitment in assisting us as she goes above and beyond to provide support and guidance after the workshop.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stephanie and “Strata Mastery” to any Body Corporate and would encourage all Committee Members and Building Managers to attend the ABMA Building Management Code Introductory Course and “Strata Mastery” ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop.

Thank you once again Stephanie for all your assistance!”

Charmaine Kwong - Executive Committee MemberSinnamon’s View, Brisbane - Year 2017

“I recently completed the “ABMA Code Introduction & Code Utilisation” training program as an executive member of the Body Corporate.  The training was invaluable as it provided advice on statutory and building management responsibilities for facilities managers and committee members.  Some standards are not regulated and the ABMA Code provides advice on minimum levels of compliance and how best to measure performance. The Code is very well laid out; and provides information in a manner which is easy to find and understand. I had no clear picture of who was responsible for what; strata management, the building manager, or owners (committee); this training provided very clear advice and I was shocked to find out how much I did not know. The training was provided in a friendly and interactive environment. Stephanie was an excellent presenter and was most helpful in addressing issues specific to my building.  I would encourage any stakeholders in building management (and from my perspective particularly committee members) to attend the training.”

John Nibbs - Executive Committee MemberCanberra Heights, Sunshine Coast - Year 2017

“As a business owner/operator our company growth until now, has been largely attributed to word-of-mouth and referrals from existing clientele. We had a desire to expand our business in the strata property space and although we had experience and dealings with bodies corporate, we were committed to keeping on top of any changes to (building compliance) legislation relating specifically to our service field and also to gain an understanding of the Body Corporate & Community Management Act, to better assist our strata clients.

After a chance conversation with Mr Ralph Martell of (Newstead) “London Woolstore Apartments”, I was introduced to Stephanie Yun of “Strata Mastery”. From the get-go, Stephanie helped put us on the right path. We attended a series of half-day training sessions (which ranged from beginners through to advance levels) and Stephanie assisted us to achieve ABMA (Australian Building Management Code) Industry Accreditation, but more importantly, to gain an insight into the inner workings and legislative obligations of bodies corporate. I was genuinely impressed to find that Stephanie continued to provide support long after workshops were held. In fact, I feel Stephanie went out of her way to introduce the team to other like-minded, compliance conscious committee members, building managers, strata managers and property developers who shared our values.

It is my belief that if you are a business operator looking for a point of difference and industry recognition, you couldn’t go past attending Strata Mastery’s – “Body Corporate Best Practice” and “ABMA Code” short (4-hour) courses. Programs are affordable for any start-up business. Stephanie succeeds in making an otherwise clinical and complex subject, interesting, enjoyable and very easy to digest! The courses, in my view, are essential for any service contractor/business looking to expand or gain professional recognition within the body corporate market. Thank-you Stephanie!”

Brad Burnett of "Pest-Nett" - General Pest & Termite Treatment SpecialistsBrisbane City, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast - Year 2018

“With years of neglect showing and vacancy rates increasing our scheme was in need of help and guidance in turning this direction around, improving and developing the necessary property maintenance management tools and performance skills to return it to a profitable investment for owners and attracting tenants as a great place to stay.

To this end I think the weekend – Strata Mastery’s 2 Day Body Corporate Workshop, had a great impact and the modules therein covered the issues with great relevancy and provided genuine enlightenment and excitement especially from our Building Manager!

 I have no hesitation in promoting Stephanie Yun as being integral in instilling an assurance for the successful implementation of good building management practices and imparting the ideals of the ABMA (Australian Building Management Code) accreditation to attending Trainees. The excellent, one-on-one, onsite, tutelage delivered in a professional and knowledgeable manner by a Trainer with a fun approachable style is obviously reflective of Stephanie Yun’s love for the industry. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.” 

John Sergeant - Lot Owner & Executive Committee MemberBrassalls, Brisbane - Year 2016

“We recently engaged Stephanie Yun of Strata Mastery to deliver training and consultancy services to our incoming Building Manager. The Manager agreed that it was time well spent and that she had gained valuable information that would assist her ongoing management of the resort.

Initially the Committee was a little skeptical as to what would be achieved by having Strata Mastery involved. However over time from original discussions held through to the completion of the agreed training program, Stephanie’s approach was both professional, encouraging and patient.

Stephanie took the time to analyse the potential risk areas that would be confronting for the Manager and then set about providing the appropriate solutions. Upon completion of the training session, Stephanie also contacted the Committee and provided not only positive feedback but also things the Committee could do to work closely with the new Manager.

The exercise was both effective and enlightening and we are very appreciative of the technical skills that Stephanie was able to pass onto our new Manager. We have no hesitation in recommending Stephanie Yun and her company to any body corporate, employer or organisation and firmly believe that you would benefit from her expertise.”

Alan Lyne - Body Corporate ChairpersonThe Emerald Resort, Noosa - Year 2017

“Stephanie Yun’s professional attributes include:

  • Superior understanding of the BCCM legislation to ably assist and guide Body Corporate Committees in complying with the legislation.
  • Even handed, fair and uncompromising in seeking the best outcome for her clients.
  • High standard of ethics and genuine commitment to helping others to improve their general knowledge, resulting in their empowerment to contribute to the community well-being of the building owners they represent.
  • Highly articulate with superior training abilities.

I am happy to respond to any enquiries of anyone considering the engagement of Stephanie Yun of Strata Mastery.” 

Robert W. BoundyTreasurer, Unit Owners Association of Queensland Incorporated,
Adelaide Street, Brisbane - Since 2011

“I am the Chairperson of CTS 30418 Body Corporate Committee, a Member of CTS 32731 Body Corporate Committee and an Owner at CTS 24687. The risks associated with managing these complex buildings are high and constant both for Management and the Committee. I recommend that all Building Managers and Committee Members at the very least, complete the Australian Building Management Code Introductory Course held by Strata Mastery. I also strongly recommend the full course. Stephanie Yun has an extraordinary ability to present the complex content in a practical manner and at a level that can be understood by all participants. Therefore the courses enjoy a high level of engagement and participation by all. I highly recommend Strata Mastery courses without reservation.”

Dr Deborah Kuchler - Committee MemberOwner “La Sabbia” Residences, CTS 24687, Surfers Paradise - Year 2016

“The training made us aware of the many ‘gaps’ between legislated standards required of Body Corporate Managers and Building Mangers, and the expectations of Committees and Lot Owners in general.  I feel the session gave us a good understanding of what we don’t necessarily know, and how to find answers or solutions from the Code.  The ABMA Code Introductory Program + “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Program, reflected the vast experience and knowledge Stephanie (Senior Trainer) had of the industry and her explanations made it easy to follow legislated processes to meet our compliance obligations. I am sure all participants were encouraged more than ever to strive for ‘best practice’ in their different roles.”

Jenny Brown - Executive Committee MemberAlexandra Beach Resort Apartments ("Breakfree"),
Caloundra - Year 2017

“Our Body Corporate Committee was starting from scratch (in August 2017) with our understanding of the ABMA Code when commencing training with Stephanie Yun of “Strata Mastery”.

Stephanie’s patient, professional and knowledgeable training sessions have enabled our Committee to become more confident in fulfilling our roles and responsibilities as voluntary committee members.

In October 2017, our compliance training was extended to Strata Mastery’s – “Body Corporate Best Practice” training program. The program provided the Committee and our new Building Manager with a greater understanding of the Body Corporate & Community Management Act 1997, it’s associated Regulation Modules (in Queensland) in addition to a greater understanding of the practical application of legislation relating specifically to maintenance, compliance and care of our building. We were provided with a copy of ‘The New Layperson’s Guide to Body Corporate Laws in Qld’ as well as a workshop guide that summarised our key roles and responsibilities.

Our extensive training with “Strata Mastery” has enabled our Committee to feel as though we are taking more responsible control of our valued investment, whilst also supporting our Building Manager to become better informed about his own responsibilities in building compliance and Workplace Health and Safety Management requirements.

Stephanie was extremely generous with her time; especially in her offer to provide a follow up session with our Building Manager to help him better understand the ABMA Code in relation to his own caretaker’s contract.

Stephanie’s training workshops are practical, extremely well planned and very accessible for everyone. Stephanie and her company have helped our Committee to perform with more confidence and knowledge. Stephanie is always only a phone call away for any question I might have in relation to our building. We are in a much stronger position than we were before our training with “Strata Mastery.”

Meg Cole Ryan, ChairpersonWinchcombe Carson Woolstore CTS 28348, Teneriffe - Year 2018

“Finally, a tailored training course that is specifically customised to our very own building and strata scheme! Stephanie provides an expert knowledge base in a fun, informative and practical session. Highly recommended to Committee Members and Building Managers alike.”

Tom - Body Corporate ChairpersonSkyline Terrace Bowen Hills - Brisbane City - Year 2016

“We have had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie Yun (Director of  “Strata Mastery”) for the past 5 years and have found her to be both knowledgeable and a dedicated professional. Stephanie has an unwavering passion and genuine commitment to the strata title industry and is generous with her time and knowledge in helping and supporting others to better understand their compliance obligations. Strata Mastery workshops are practical, informative and delivered in an easy to follow, understandable manner. We highly recommend all persons involved in strata buildings to at least complete the “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Introductory + ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Program.”

Gerry & Robyn Godwin - Resident Unit ManagersUrban Sanctuary Villas, Currimundi, Sunshine Coast - Year 2017

“Coral Sea Properties Pty Ltd is a Mackay based company that holds management rights and operates high rise apartment complexes in the Mackay region.
Paramount to our success in the property management industry is compliance and becoming an accredited organisation with the ABMA.
Stephanie Yun from “Strata Mastery” has provided us with a full turnkey solution to assisting us with our training and ABMA accreditation needs.
“Strata Mastery” has been a great company to deal with from start to end. Stephanie’s knowledge of the strata industry and the ABMA is amazing.
Stephanie Yun is a polite, friendly, refreshing training professional, we highly recommend that you engage “Strata Mastery” for all of your ABMA and strata training needs.
Mick Toms - Owner & Operator of Multiple Management RightsCorel Sea Properties - Mackay - Year 2017

“My wife and I have recently completed the ABMA Building Management Code Introductory Course + “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop. We both found the course extremely informative and important in our role as (onsite) Building Managers.  Stephanie Yun’s delivery style was logical and clear, creating interest throughout.  Stephanie’s extent of knowledge was such that she left no question unanswered despite there being present a number of students with their own unique experiences to share. We have no hesitation in recommending the ABMA program and Stephanie Yun to any person/s with interests in management rights.”

Duncan Bains & Pamela Bains - Owner & Operators of Management RightsSunshine Coast - Island Quays - Year 2017
“QPaint has been involved with the Strata Industry for over 20 years. In the last 12 months we have had the pleasure of dealing with Stephanie Yun at Strata Mastery and the ABMA.
We have found Stephanie to be the most informed and passionate, of any Strata Manager. Stephanie is leading the cause for a better industry standard with the ABMA.
Stephanie is bringing to the attention, of what is required of Strata Managers, On site Managers, Committee Members, and Trade Contractors. With complex rules and regulations within the Strata Industry, Stephanie has a way to show you in simple terms that’s easy to understand. The ABMA is the best thing that the industry has seen in some time.
I believe any person or business that becomes involved with Stephanie, Strata Mastery, and the ABMA will benefit from her leadership, knowledge and willingness to help.
If you have the chance to speak or meet with Stephanie, you will come away knowing you have a professional with your best interests looking after you.”
James Gooley of "Q-Paint"Business Development Manager - Brisbane City - Year 2018

“We attended the (4 Hour) ABMA Code Introductory Course + “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Workshop on the 3rd of May 2017, as presented by Stephanie Yun.

We were delighted to find that Stephanie knew the code “inside out”, and is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about management rights. She is also very adept (and patient) at answering our questions and explaining things in terms we could understand.

There were as many as seven on-site managers who attended the course, which in our experience made the workshop more interesting and personable.  

This was the first time my husband and I had met Stephanie Yun, and since this workshop we have maintained contact with Stephanie through emails and found her to be very approachable and helpful.

We would highly recommend that both committee members and building managers enrol in the “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Introductory program to gain an understanding of their building compliance obligations.”

Peter Dick & Annemarie Dickson - Resident ManagersAzure Apartments - Double Bay - Year 2017

“My wife and I own and manage a large, high-rise holiday resort on the Sunshine Coast. We initially subscribed to the ABMA Code in 2016. With the release of the 2nd (2017) Code Edition – which accurately reflects any changes to legislation each year, we renewed our subscription and were pleased to discover that an ABMA Industry Accredited Course Facilitator (“Strata Mastery”) also provided training on the Code within the Sunshine Coast region to Resident Building Managers, Committee Members and Service Contractors. With the assistance and support of our Strata Managers, “Northcoast Body Corporate Management Services” (NCBCMS), the onsite building management team, including three of our voting committee members, enrolled in the ABMA Code Introductory Course. My wife and I further registered in the (half day) STRATA MASTERY – “Body Corporate Best Practice” Program. What are our thoughts?… The two half day, courses were very informative and well presented in an easy and relaxed style. In two words, “very good”. Our view in fact is that all Bodies Corporate and Caretaking Managers would benefit immensely from either enrolling in or completing a one day refresher course offered by Strata Mastery and the ABMA, every year.”

Bill Lapthorn & Jane Lapthorn - Resident Unit Managers/OwnerCentrepoint, Sunshine Coast - Year 2017

“If you happen to be a member of a Body Corporate in Brisbane and also have had difficulty with your Resident Manager, things could begin to change if you make the right move. Last Friday (7th of July 2017), four of the members of our Body Corporate along with our new Resident Managers met with Stephanie Yun at Strata Mastery. Quite often members of a Body Corporate will agree to be part of this non-paying Body to try to ensure their properties are well managed and serviced regularly. Many people in a complex will not volunteer for the Body Corporate, but leave tasks to others. As Stephanie explained though, would you rather be in the driver’s seat of a car and avoid an accident or be asleep in the back seat, unaware of what was about to happen. You might also find the ABMA Building Management Code to be your best guide, but have little idea how to really use it. You might also have a manager who does not do their job properly, but you are unable to know what they must rightfully do.
I can highly recommend Stephanie to take you through the documents and train you in how to use them to your best advantage. She had a big task, but kept us on target, yet allowed for relevant questions as we went. Along with appropriate breaks and a comfortable environment, she helped to actually create a cooperative working Body Corporate Family for our complex.  I came away with a very positive outlook and I believe the others on our team felt the same. We have already begun to develop some new policies together to handle several long standing problems.”
Darryl Clausen - Executive Committee MemberAvalon Parkside, Spring Hill - Year 2017

“The Strata Mastery – ABMA Code + Body Corporate Best Practice Workshop I attended with our Caretaker and Building Manager was most enlightening and informative. The delivery was very professional and the workshop was enjoyable and friendly. It was an opportunity to gain a very good insight into the many facets of building/facilities management from both the Committee and Building Management’s perspective. A valuable experience for both Committee Members and Building Managers on the ABMA Building Management Code and each other’s roles and responsibilities (as set out under the Body Corporate & Community Management Act 1997). I would highly recommend this training program for all Building Managers and Body Corporate Committee Members.”

Trevor Bock - Executive Committee MemberVictoria Towers - Gold Coast 2017

“I recently completed the ABMA – “Strata Professionals Annual Induction” Training Program and the STRATA MASTERY – “Body Corporate Best Practice” Training Program with Stephanie Yun to update my knowledge on the Australian Building Management Code and Body Corporate & Community Management Act 1997.  The Courses helped me to better understand body corporate legislation and the practical applications for Building Managers in relation to building maintenance, insurance, WHS and (strata) stakeholder roles and responsibilities. The training that Stephanie presented was friendly, professional, practical and her underlying knowledge was simply invaluable.”

Marion Mollett - Facility Management MJM Consulting & Training - Caloundra - Year 2018

“Thank you Strata Mastery for a very informative program. It was such an eye-opener to see just how many Body Corporates/  Building Managers do not comply with the ABMA Code. You were fantastic and so knowledgeable. I applaud your presentation! I got so much out of the great day!… I now understand why industry solicitors refer to you as “a real asset to our strata industry”.
Lalit Bhalla - Executive Committee MemberOcean View Resort, Caloundra, Sunshine Coast - Year 2017

“As Caretaker and Management Rights Owner for a number of community title schemes, we registered for the Strata Mastery ABMA Code & Body Corporate Best Practice training program to familiarise ourselves with the Code and better appreciate the regulation around bodies corporate and more specifically the roles and responsibilities of strata managers and committees.

The training delivery was very professional and interactive and Stephanie’s knowledge of the Code, strata management and the industry generally was extensive. We found it particularly valuable that Stephanie was able to tailor the content to suit our specific needs as caretaker with practical case studies and real live examples.

The training has given us peace of mind that our operating practices and service standards are within the spirit of the Code.

We would be happy to recommend Stephanie and her Strata Mastery program to our strata managers and committee representatives.”

Marcella Walker - Property DevelopersFinancial Controller, Ekkopoint Properties, Brisbane City - Year 2017

“Our company own and operate 8 sets of Management Rights within Senior/Aged Care Residential Villages (Strata Title Schemes) in addition to a number of other complex’s. (Strata Mastery) Stephanie Yun’s expertise has been an eye-opener for our Management team. The training provided was customised and designed to take into account our individual weaknesses and strengths and enabled our team to develop the professional skills required to competently perform all aspects of the Caretaker’s role for the Bodies Corporate we manage.

Stephanie also provides an excellent backup and support (consultancy) service to staff, as needed. We highly recommend the appointment of Strata Mastery to work effectively with all industry stakeholders – Committee’s, Strata Managers and Caretakers.”

(Strata Mastery services engaged by “The Furtado Group” included: (i) “ABMA Code Introductory Course; (ii) STRATA MASTERY – “Body Corporate Best Practice” Training Program – Part A & Part B; (iii) “STRATA MASTERY – “Body Corporate Best Practice – Site Specific, Compliance Support”.)

Neil Belton - "The Furtado Group" - Operator of Over 13 Sets of Managements RightsOperations Manager - Brisbane - Year 2018

“I recently enrolled to the ABMA – Strata Professionals Annual Induction (“SPAI”) Training Program with Stephanie Yun. I was extremely grateful for the kindness and professionalism Stephanie extended to me. Although I have owned and operated Management Rights for over two years, I gained so much from the training program I honestly wish that I had attended the workshop earlier! I will be telling all my MR friends about Strata Mastery. I know that they will also find the course very helpful. Stephanie’s encouragement also gave me a lot of confidence. Her extensive knowledge and professional attitude is excellent. I would urge the community as a whole (committee members, lot owners, caretakers) to get training or seek guidance from Stephanie Yun. The workshop concluded at 4:30pm however Stephanie stayed on until 6pm to assist me with my personal queries. I will be keeping in touch with Stephanie and only wish her well.”
Wei Li (David) - Owner & Operator of Management RightsNexus On Nundah - Year 2018

“Thank you Stephanie for your energy and passion. With such high stakes involved with property investment every person involved with a Strata Titled Property needs to speak to Stephanie and the ABMA. All parties have a heavy investment in their property whether they are owner occupiers, investors, site managers or contractors there is legal responsibility for all parties. I personally believe that the AMBA are a valuable tool in maintaining and servicing properties. With over 35 years of expereince in the building maintenance industry, I found from a contractors point of view, it really helpful to understand the code of practice and workings of the strata title industry. It has given me understanding on how as a fully licensed building contractor we can assist our client better and understand what they need with the easiest, safest and most transparent course possible. I recommend that anyone who has or is getting involved with any part of a body corporate and strata titles management industry speak to Stephanie and broaden your understanding. Protect yourself and your investment.”

Glen Luscombe of "ARC Projects"Brisbane - Year 2018
“I am Chairperson for our committee at Vertice Apartments CTS 46020. Along with our building manager, I recently completed the ABMA – SPAI (Strata Professionals Annual Induction) and STRATA MASTERY – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Training Program for caretakers and committee members. In addition to the STRATA MASTERY – BCBP (Body Corporate Best Practice) Full Training Program.
Stephanie introduced us to the ABMA Code. It is a ‘go to’ reference guide for committee members and the building manager as it pulls together acts, regulations, code of conduct and maintenance of common property in practical terms. It defines a minimum standard for cleaning, gardening, maintenance etc., everyone’s opinions around these areas is different so having a reference point simplifies difference of opinions.
Stephanie has an in depth understanding and professional knowledge of statutory legislation that enables her to deliver to committee members and caretakers a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The training was clear, concise, informative and delivered in such a way that it was unique to our body corporate. We had a lot of questions relating to our complex that Stephanie did not hesitate to guide us to the appropriate legislation and the ABMA Code.
Stephanie went above and beyond her role by supporting both the committee and building manager to perform their duties in a efficient, cooperative way. Even though our training is finished she is still in touch and offering support.
The training has made me aware of the committee’s legislative responsibilities and the importance of looking after our complex for the future.”
Coral Samal - Executive Committee MemberVertice Apartments CTS 46020 - Year 2018

“I recently subscribed to the ABMA – SPAI (Strata Professionals Annual Induction), STRATA MASTERY – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct and STRATA MASTERY – BCBP (Body Corporate Best Practice) Training Program. I found the courses to be very useful in my role as Building Manager. Stephanie Yun is very professional and provided a lot of good examples and delivered practical knowledge that related specifically to my field and my body corporate. I highly recommend the “Strata Mastery” Training Program to those wishing to enrich their knowledge in the area of management rights and also for those wishing to keep up-to-date with their building compliance requirements. I have recommended the training program to my body corporate committee members and even my strata manager! I am so pleased that I have completed the training program and have Stephanie as a reliable industry contact.”

Catherine Chun - Owner & Operator of Management RightsKuraby Parkside - Year 2018
“We were referred to Stephanie Yun (of “Strata Mastery”) from two independent industry sources, at a time when we were experiencing issues with our body corporate committee. After completing the ABMA – “Strata Professionals Annual Induction” (Australian Building Management Code Introductory Course), “STRATA MASTERY” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct Program (practical application of the ABMA Code Standards to the Caretaking contract) and “STRATA MASTERY” – Body Corporate Best Practice Training Program (Introduction to the BCCMA97), we soon realised the importance of all industry parties – Building Managers, Committee Members and even Strata Managers, enrolling to these three programs. If all relevant stakeholders completed the program with Stephanie Yun of “Strata Mastery”, we would all be on the same page! Everyone would possess an accurate interpretation of Caretaking duties and gain a better understanding of the equal and important role each one of us plays in relation to the maintenance and care of common property. I genuinely believe that there would also be less issues arising between the Building Manager and Committee Members. Whilst undertaking the course, we could not help but be impressed with Stephanie’s extent of industry knowledge and experience within the strata sector. Stephanie has not only previously performed the functions of a Senior Strata Manager, Body Corporate Branch Manager, Property Manager, Letting/Sales Agent but also currently assumes the dual role and responsibility of Chairperson/Secretary within her own complex. Stephanie also performs the role and functions of the Building Manager at “Windsor Suites”. I believe this is fundamentally why Stephanie’s training programs are delivered in a very clear, concise and relatable manner. Her training program is not only designed for Building Managers (like me) but also experienced or inexperienced Committee Members and Strata Managers. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie to any person/s in our industry. She is the best!”
Jin & Grace Kwon - Owners & Operators of Management RightsArundel, Gold Coast - Year 2018

“I am writing to recommend the services of Stephanie Yun of Strata Mastery.

My wife and I engaged Strata Mastery to provide “BUILDING COMPLIANCE” training services – Training on the Australian Building Management (“ABMA”) 2018 Code and “Body Corporate Best Practice” (BCCM Act 1977) regulatory requirements, in July of this year. The purpose was to improve our overall knowledge and work performance, as co-owners/operators of Management Rights within the strata industry.  

At the time of Stephanie’s appointment, we were facing some challenges with our body corporate committee. We required the assistance of an independent consultant who could accurately assess our situation and to help us solve a number of issues within a short period of time.

Stephanie’s response was immediate and she went out of her way (sacrificing her personal weekend time) to meet us onsite in order to accommodate pressing compliance deadlines.

Stephanie has been a trusted resource from the moment we met. She has not only delivered on her promises and improved our technical knowledge base significantly and within a matter of days! But her enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge, industry resources and office/management tools etc. to help my wife and I to solve our problems in a timely and efficient manner, was made easy. Management tools that are invaluable for the longevity of our business and scheme.

I highly recommend the services from Stephanie Yun to anyone who works in the industry or lives in strata. I believe her in-depth knowledge and personal commitment would greatly assist those in genuine need.”

Simon & Teresa Ngai - Owners & Operators of Management RightsPadstow Views, Eight Mile Plains - Year 2018

“The two days I completed with Strata Mastery were hugely beneficial to my knowledge and understanding of everything that relates to Bodies Corporate and especially to my role as a Body Corporate Chairperson. Clearly, Stephanie is highly experienced and knowledgeable. Her delivery of the presentations (Northern Territory – ABMA “Strata Professionals Annual Induction” & STRATA MASTERY  “Body Corporate Best Practice” Training Programs) was clear and concise, supported by real-life anecdotes and tailored to the laws and regulations of the Northern Territory and my own complex bodies corporate (mixed use) structure. I’m genuine in saying that I enjoyed the 2-day programme. Stephanie succeeded in opening the eyes of everyone in the room! I have no hesitation in recommending Stephanie Yun and Strata Mastery to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge and give them confidence to properly perform their roles as body corporate members.”

Willem Westra van Holthe - Executive Committee MemberWharf One - Northern Territory, Darwin - Year 2018

“I was so impressed with Stephanie and her delivery of the training materials, I can’t wait to get her back up again.
I had previously been recommended her services, we have a large complex Body Corporate in the Northern Territory and she was considered “the best one” and she didn’t disappoint. The content was specifically tailored to our location, our building and our caretaking agreement. She was on point, handled difficult situations well and was pragmatic at all times. I hope she gets back to Darwin – as I can’t wait to see her again. Thanks Stephanie, you are a true “professional”, and have elevated the work you do to a level we thought never existed.”

Katherine Thomson - Executive Committee Member Wharf One & Wharf Two - Northern Territory, Darwin - Year 2018