Committee Member Training And Workshops

1. Introduction to the Body Corporate And Community Management Act and Committee Code of Conduct Workshop for Committee Members

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Committee work can be demanding, particularly for a self-managed body corporate. Fulfilling the role and responsibilities of a voting member is often a thankless task but a necessary priority for those looking to actively protect their investment and the investment of those within their immediate community.

Introductory “Body Corporate Best Practice” workshops for Committee Members or Property Owner Investors, wishing to acquire a good understanding of body corporate building management, financial management and building compliance obligations, functions and duties, to confidently supervise and/or deliver on Committee/Body Corporate “Code of Conduct” requirements has just been made easy!

Strata Mastery are Building Compliance and Body Corporate specialist trainers. One-on-one, site specific, training courses and consultancy sessions are provided onsite, in the owner’s unit or local meeting rooms and are tailored to each students competency level and previous industry experience to assist members to reduce body corporate costs/levies where possible, elevate performance levels where necessary and implement a community focus, long-term, facility management plan. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a “Certificate of Participation” and “Body Corporate Best Practice” Electronic Badge, in recognition for community service excellence.

Learn about – Obligations of the Original Owner (Developer) when establishing a body corporate scheme in your State? (QLD, NSW, ACT, WA, SA, NT) to ensure that your lot owner rights are being adequately met. Gain an understanding of Lot Owner versus Body Corporate and Caretaker building maintenance role and responsibilities? Acquire knowledge of Committee spending powers, statutory obligations and caretaking agreement “in contract” versus “outside of contract” fees and charges to ensure budgets are accurate and lots more! For further information on our “Body Corporate Best Practice” short courses, please view our “Body Corporate Workshop + Short Courses”  today.

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2. Introduction to the Australian Building Management (ABMA) Code Short Course for Committee Members

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With over 1,500+ pages of Acts and Regulations currently in existence (QFES Act, QBCC Act, Electrical Safety Act, WH&S Act), the ABMA Code provides an important beginner’s guide to the statutory, mandatory and minimum objective standards which apply to building compliance that is specific to common property (bodies corporate) and specific to each Australian State. Clarification on building owner (body corporate) versus caretaker (building manager) and service contractor (strata manager, property managers) building compliance obligations and responsibilities for the full life cycle of the building is clearly set-out in the ABMA Code.

Committee Members may enrol to “BUILDING COMPLIANCE 101” Training Program and “Strata Mastery” – ABMA Code Utilisation & Code of Conduct (1 Day) Training Program. Students exit the training program equipped with knowledge, reference guides and simple tools for ensuring that lot owners/caretakers are limiting their risk exposure in critical compliance areas and may confidently delivery on their contracted or legislated duties. Students will also receive a “Certificate of Participation” and “Strata Mastery” lifetime subscription membership.

Training sessions and workshops are customised to each body corporate to ensure that students are able to immediately apply the principles of the ABMA Code to their scheme. Training programs are held onsite, in the owner’s unit or local meeting rooms and are tailored to each students competency level and previous industry experience. For further information on our short courses, please view our Committee Courses today.

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3. Caretaker Performance Management (Internal) Audit Course for Committee Members

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If you are struggling with the performance of your onsite building manager/caretaker but unsure of your lot owner/committee rights, do not fear a lifeline is here! Strata Mastery are Building Compliance and Body Corporate specialist trainers. Short training courses are available for (voting) committee members looking to gain a clear understanding of caretaker contract (caretaking and letting agreement, management agreement) role and responsibilities.

Training includes a comprehensive review of the caretaking agreement – in alignment with the Australian Building Management (“ABMA”) Code, site inspection, training on appropriate reporting, tendering, gardening and cleaning requirements of the onsite caretaker, appropriate by-law breach management process and procedures, financial and accounts payable process and procedures and courses also provide an important introduction to body corporate policies to ensure that the building management team are successfully delivering on your contract obligations etc. Upon completion of the ABMA Code training program, students will receive a “Certificate of Participation” and “Strata Mastery” lifetime subscription membership to continue to safeguard your investment by keeping abreast of all changes in legislation that relevant to your state.

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4. Mediation/Dispute Resolution Support Services for Committee Members

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The ultimate outcome of any dispute is a “win-win” resolution. Clarification of caretaker obligations which fall under the Body Corporate & Community Management Act, building management standards (Australian Building Management “ABMA” Code) and caretaking contract duties – including frequency of duties, clear scope of duties and measurable objective delivery standards is critical.

Strata Mastery are Building Compliance and Body Corporate specialist trainers. We are here to assist! Confidential training sessions and workshops for Committee Members are fully customised to ensure that site-specific, scheme issues are appropriately addressed. We understand that one shoe does not necessarily fit all! Dispute resolution services are provided 7 days a week.

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5. Platinum Club Membership for Committee Members

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Be inspired. Experience a whole new world in strata management. Strata Mastery’s Platinum Club – Member’s Playground is now available! Proactive Committee Members are provided unlimited access to an immediate source of body corporate management tools to best comply with State (QLD) building compliance regulations and Body Corporate Code of Conduct statutory obligations. Committee Members and Building Managers may now subscribe to –

PLATINUM CLUB “TEMPLATE DIRECTORY” – A collection of ready-made (sample) building policies and strata procedures. Resources include (but are not limited to) the following: Committee Guide to Building Defects, Committee Guide to Common Property Capital Upgrades, Committee Guide to Assignment of Management Rights, Body Corporate Communication Scheme Policy, Body Corporate By-Law Breach Scheme Policy + Visitor Parking Policy and More.

PLATINUM CLUB “MOTION DIRECTORY” – A comprehensive directory of body corporate/committee resolutions + associated legislative references, which comply with the Body Corporate & Community Management Act + The Australian Building Management “ABMA” Code. Motions include (but are not limited to) the following: Implementation of Main Asset Register + Preventative Maintenance Plan, Implementation of Workplace Health & Safety Compliance Management Plan, Appointment of New Building Establishment Records Auditor, Appointment of (Assignment of Management Rights) Pre-entry Competency Assessor, Appointment of (Assignment of Management Rights) Pre-settlement Exit Survey/Common Property Inspection Report + More

All “Platinum Club” management tools are proudly brought to you by Strata Mastery and Grace Lawyers to ensure that only the highest performance standards are consistently met.


  • Streamlined body corporate process and procedures
  • Adherence with relevant industry Acts + Regulations
  • Reduction in Committee personal downtime
  • Reduction in body corporate lawyer consulting fees
  • Advice + Help from an independent industry expert 24/7

6. Body Corporate Casual Administration Support Services for Committee Members

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Finding the time to manage the day-to-day demands of a body corporate is no easy feat! Strata Mastery is here to assist! Whether you seek assistance with body corporate/committee correspondences, preparation of meeting notices/minutes, preparation of quarterly “Chairperson’s Reports”, monitoring the performance of caretakers on common property, preparation of lot owner newsletters, community notices or tendering for minor works, no job is ever too small or too big for our team!

Strata Mastery offer casual (no contract) body corporate administration support to Committee Members. Services are provided on an hourly basis or alternatively for our ongoing clients, at bulk 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or 200 hour discounted consultancy rates.

To remove any body corporate headaches today and take advantage of an Independent Specialist, please don’t hesitate to call 07 3861 1432 for further details.

7. Strata Service Directory of TOP PERFORMING Industry Specialists for Committee Members

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That is why we set out to provide you with a reliable source of service contractors from plumbers, electricians, painters, water-proofing engineers, lift & air conditioning consultants, interior designers and search agents through to specialist legal advisers that are regarded as “THE LEADING EXPERTS” within their chosen field and can be relied upon for their expertise and exceptional standards in client service, every time. We are committed to putting you in touch with only the industry’s best. What is more Strata Mastery’s list of ABMA Industry Accredited Practitioners is FREE! This is a complimentary industry service!

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“I was so impressed with Stephanie and her delivery of the training materials, I can’t wait to get her back up again. I had previously been recommended her services and she was considered “the best” and didn’t disappoint. The content was specifically tailored to our location, our building and our caretaking agreement. She was on point, handled difficult situations well and was pragmatic at all times. Thanks Stephanie, you are a true “professional”, and have elevated the work you do to a level we thought never existed.”

Katherine Thomson Executive Committee Member

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